introduction to assignment for technical and business writing brief assignment read instructions and answer questionnaire

NOTE: Looking for the same person who takes on this task to be the one to do the project itself.

04A.Project Questionnaire Assignment


Copy and paste the questions below into the “text submission” window, then answer the questions to select your project topic. Note that this topic you select and I approve is the topic for your proposal and semester project. Be sure to read the 04a.Project Introduction lesson first, and then review the sample projects. Then answer these questions. Note that I must approve this topic before you may begin your proposal assignment.

If you have several topics you are considering, submit all of them in one upload. I will then give feedback on which may be the best choice.


If I approve your topic, you will receive a 100. Please read my comments in the grading feedback area. Note that any comments I give you regarding your project become a part of your project requirements. If I do not approve your project topic, the project will receive a temporary grade of 50/100. I will give specific reasons why this project topic needs to be adjusted within the grading comments area. You may then revise your topic/project answers and resubmit, and I will regrade. The goal is for everyone’s topic to be approved and to make a 100.

When I request adjustments or do not approve a project topic, it is based on years of guiding students through the project assignment. The goal is for everyone to select a topic that is manageable within the time limitations of the semester, enjoyable, and a good fit for their writing style and topic-related experience.

Questions To Answer

  1. What is the topic of your project (let me know if you need help finding one).
  2. Why do you want to write on this topic? What is your purpose or interest in this topic?
  3. What is your expertise in this area?
  4. Who is your audience? In other words, what is the specific group or individual for whom you will you be writing this project? For your job/employer; an organization, such as PTA; an organized group of people who participate in this hobby/interest; etc.
  5. If this is for a business, give the name, address, and phone number. I may need to contact it.
  6. Is this for a hobby, an interest of yours, your job, a friend’s job, etc.? Please explain.
  7. Who will read your project to verify its accuracy? This needs to be a Subject-Matter Expert (SME), such as a supervisor, co-worker, etc. Include the name and title. Your other option is for it to be a Test Subject, someone who is new to the task, such as a new employee you could train or someone new to the activity. You must enter someone’s name here. (Note that this person is not the “proofreader” checking for spelling errors, etc. Note that I am not your Subject-Matter Expert or Test Subject.)
  8. Share with me any questions or concerns you have now about your project.