speach by patrick henry quot freedom or death quot

  1. Begin your analysis of the speech and it’s arguments. In your essay, be sure to identify and explain the rhetorical strategies that the speaker used. You might consider:
    1. Why did they choose these strategies?
    2. Where the rhetorical strategies successful?
    3. What was the goal of the speech, and was that goal achieved?
    4. Does the speech still hold meaning today? Is it meaningful as a historical relic or is it still inspiring?
    5. What was the speaker up against?
  2. Be sure to focus on the rhetorical elements of your speech. You will need to include history from the time period, and potentially biographical information about your speaker. But the majority of your paper should focus on the speech and it’s effectiveness.
  3. Be sure to include academic sources for your speech. You must have 3 academic sources.
  4. Be sure to include a works cited page listing your academic sources, the speech that you have chosen to analyze, and any secondary or mass media sources.

This 10 page, 12pt. font, double spaced report will include your analysis of the selected speech. In your analysis you will use the terms defined and explored in this class. You will provide historic context and background for the speech.