Is Wealthier Healthier Essay

A variety of arguments can be
made for the reasons why there is great health inequity in these
regions. Some relate to the different colonial histories since health is
transmitted inter-generationally. Colonization, neoliberal
globalization, including free market, free trade, and the unrestricted
flow of capital with little government influence, has resulted in large
wealth inequalities. Some countries have cut their government spending
on health programs, which has led to devastating health outcomes.

countries with different per-capita income levels such that one could
be classified as a “high income” nation and the other would not be
classified in the same income category.(Germany and Nigeria)

Write 2-3 pages summary comparing these two countries (Germany and Nigeria),
their health problems. Also, compare how the economic level and income
inequality in each country influenced other social determinants (social
dynamics, the status of women, education, or violence/homicide, etc.)
for each country. Then, explain the impact of the determinants on the
health outcome in each country. Expand on your insights utilizing the
Learning Resources.

Use APA formatting for your Discussion and to cite your resources.