Rutgers University Health & Medical Worlds Apart Video Analysis

1. What was your overall reaction to watching the four unique stories shown in Worlds Apart?

2. In the first video, an issue addressed to religious beliefs, spirituality and negotiations. How might Mr. Kochi’s perspective on spirituality and health affect his decisions about chemotherapy? Do you think Dr. Fisher could have modified his approach if he understood this potential conflict? Elaborate on your thoughts.

3. In video 2, an issue addressed was family decision making and the use of authority figures. Elaborate on how decision making was made in this family versus how it is made in most American families. What roles did Justine’s grandmother and mother play?

4. In video 3 one of the issues addressed was stereotyping and clinical decision-making. Elaborate on the stereotype Robert referred to and how it might affect a physician’s medical decision to refer a patient for a transplant.

5. Video 4 addressed utilizing home remedies for complementary/alternative therapies. Why would it be important for a physician to know about their patient’s use of these remedies. How might these remedies impact the treatment being received?