John P Stevens High School Intro Sociology Discussion

Part 2:How can social factors lead to premature death? discuss 3–5 social factors that may lead to premature death.In your discussion, provide and discuss examples of 3–5 of these social factors and how they may increase the risk of premature death. As an example, how has a sedentary lifestyle led to an increase in obesity, which perhaps, in turn, has led to an increase in premature deaths?

part 3:With reference to Weitz Chapter 8, imagine you are approached as a medical sociologist by a coalition known as “Concerned Citizens for Quality Healthcare.” This coalition is interested in gaining a better understanding of the Affordable Care Act. The coalition would like you to make arguments FOR and AGAINST keeping the Affordable Care Act, including a discussion of the potential consequences for either choice. provide evidence and arguments both for keeping and for repealing the Affordable Care Act. Also, discuss potential short and long-term consequences to the health care system by keeping or repealing this act.

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