John P Stevens High School Social Construction of Sexuality Journal

 Your assignment for your first journal is to summarize the most important lessons from this unit, but rather than writing a basic summary, make it creative by writing it in the form of an engaging blog post, putting yourself in the role of blogger! Make sure I know you learned the material by touching on all the important elements of this unit, composing a blog of 2 double spaced pages using the terms, theories, and ideas. Your goal for the post is to explain why considering norms of sexuality, discourses, sex-gender systems and social construction are important, using the examples from the reading and other module elements.

You get to imagine and choose the audience for your blog post. Do you want to educate the general public, for example by writing a New York Times article? Do you want to have your post be on a feminist blog post like Everyday Feminism? Do you want to write to fellow sociologists to help them think through their approach to research? It’s up to you! How you present the material will vary depending on your audience of choice, but whomever it is, do all you can to open their minds and educate them.

You will receive full credit for this assignment based on only two things: a) Did your response show that you studied all the elements from this modules (including using specific terms)?  AND b) Is your post thoughtful and well-written? As long as you do these two things, you’ll get credit! So feel free to be creative. 

Material needed : Introduction: The Opening Scene and The Progress Narrative:  

Norms of Sexuality and Expert Discourses:   

Sex-Gender Systems and Social Construction:

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