Joliet Junior College Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Essay

1. Varcarolis, 7th edition, page 219-221 or Varcarolis 8th edition, page 215-217.  This is your texbook and please use only this and the following document as references for you paper.

2. Koegh and Doyle (2008) Psychopharmacolgical adverse effects.  I have attached the pdf file above.  

This week we will begin writing a short 1-2 page double spaced paper (not including title page or reference page) on neuroleptic malignant syndrome.  The primary purpose of this assignment is to get accustomed to 6th edition APA style.

For this paper I would like you to use only the following 2 references:

For this APA paper, please use only these references as I am more concerned with your APA formatting than the content and I need to be sure that you only use these two references and not any additional ones so that I can make corrections based on only these two references.

Your paper topic will focus on neuroleptic malignant syndrome.