Journal Article 2

Journal Article 2

This is the link of the journal article that I have chosen.


· The student is required to review a journal article, write a summary of the article and a critique of it.

· Summary is to be typed, double spaced, and 1.5 – 2 pages in length (preferable 2 pages)

· Author of article, date of article, title of article, and title of Journal appears at top of summary

· Absolutely no plagiarism or direct quotes.


The purpose of these assignments is to have the student:

· Become familiar with scientific journals

· Recognize journals as a source of invaluable information

· Utilize journals as a source of continuing education

· Realize that learning is a life long process

· Demonstrate the ability to read and write

· Demonstrate the ability to summarize information gained from reading and to form opinions about that information

Please double check your final work for Content, Writing Skills, and Neatness.