journal entry 8 written response to film and class discussion include answers to following a what does the word red most often signify in the movie cradle will rock b cradle will rock suggests that political economic forces in pre war 2 drove th 1

Journal Entry #8—Written Response to film, and class discussion. Include answers to following:

  • What does the word “red” MOST OFTEN signify in the movie Cradle Will Rock?
  • Cradle Will Rock suggests that political/economic forces in pre-war 2 drove the emergence of abstract expressionism as the “advanced” art of the day. History shows that after WW2 Rothko and other abstract expressionists like him became the art stars, at the expense of the Riveras and Orozcos of the art world—artists committed to more representational forms of expression. How does knowing this history of suppression affect your reception of Rothko? Does this history matter?
  • 250-300 words