research paper on the roaring 1920 s 1700 words

A few questions to think about.

Who benefitted and who suffered in the new consumer society of the 1920’s? In what ways did the government promote business interests?

1700 words (minimum) double spaced/ 12 font

Chicago Style Format (……

Online sources must be from a .org, .edu, .gov, with the exception of an e-books and academic articles such as Jstor, Proquest, etc.

Minimum of four primary and four secondary sources (Would like everyone to work with printed material/no videos/documentaries)

Your paper must have Footnotes & Works Cited page

Organization: Introduction/Conclusion: Paragraph structures not too long or too short; internal logic of case from point to point.

Introduction Intro paragraph with engaging context then a clear, specific thesis statement.

10 points

Conclusion Shows ability to “pull together” the body of the essay.

10 points

English mechanics Appropriate word choice, spelling, sentence fragments, grammar, punctuation; no slang. 10 points

Sources clearly identified. Makes it clear to reader what key source(s) is being used. 10 points

Content / Substance – 60 points possible

Evidence/Claim Use and comprehension of the main points that backup your thesis. 15 points

Knows the facts Shows grasp of the major points & analysis from both primary and secondary sources; demonstrates good preparation. 15 points

Scope of the Problem Understands the complexity of the theme, issue, or topic; recognizes the fundamental issues relating to the topic and even how historians have addressed them in academic publications. 15 points

“Philosopher” (Inquiry/Analysis) Shows ability to go deeper into the issue/topic/theme analyzes implications /consequences. 15 points