just choose one of 1 2 or 3 and write about discussion board disaster management


The course is International and Humanitarian Disaster Management

The question is :

How would you as an Emergency Manager:

  1. prevent corruption following a disaster;
  2. manage compound emergencies;
  3. ensure equality in assistance and relief distribution.

Choose one.

The instructions are:

1- One full page (4-5 paragraphs) with at least 2-3 references.

2- Write as a second Language and Use Simple Academic Words.

3- Use APA style format 6th edition including in-text citations.

4- Use the Grammarly program to correct all the mistakes that give you because my university checks and depends on Grammarly.

5- Avoid passive voice absolutely.

6- Avoid start new sentence with unclear subject such as (THIS).

please meet the requirements because Dr very harsh with grading.