write a 275 words of discussion of the below in the requirement

4. Data scientists exercise statistical thinking in designing data collection, derive insights from visualizing data, and gain supporting evidence for decision making. They also construct models for predicting future trends from data. Data scientists need to know statistics because statistics plays a central role in the data science approach.

With the plethora of statistical tests, researchers are sometimes faced with the difficulty of choosing the appropriate test under the ideal condition.

In this discussion, describe a minimum of three statistical tests from the following list.

1. In your own words, describe the purpose of the statistical test.

2. Provide at least two examples of actual business analyst applications for each of the statistical tests identified. Use APA-style references wherever necessary to support your discussion.

Statistical Test

· Correlational

· Pearson correlation

· Spearman Correlation

· Chi-square

· Pair T-test

· Independent T-test


· Simple Regression

· Multiple Regression

· Wilcoxon rank test

· Wilcoxon sum test

· Sign test