Law & Negligence per Se Analysis Review

For this assignment, this should be a legal analysis not an opinionated writing. This paper should be 3/4 pages about the case, Wellness 100. You do NOT answer all the questions that I have attached in the files. You should ONLY answer question 6 in this entire report. Base this report mainly on knowledge of business law and what is given in the case text and forms that is attached with the case text. Use any forms that will be helpful to you like Gould Health & Safety Code form and the case example that is given before the Gould Health & Safety Code form. First start off by defining Negligence Per Se, then after finishing defining and such, you have to write about how your answer for Conduct, Duty, Breach of Duty, Actual Causation, Proximate Causation, Damages, or Defenses will change or if it does change if the forms and safety codes were enforced and how it changes.

I have attached a powerpoint that is like coaching slides, that says what should be talked about for each question, but for question 6, there is only 1 important slide so first start by defining Negligence Per Se and whatever is mentioned in that slide for Question 6 then continue with the 6 elements that should be talked about.