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Chapter 2: Wealth Inequality 

Use the sites listed below to answer the prompt.

The U.S. Census Bureau offers regular reports and the latest data on poverty in the United States: https://www.census.gov/Links to an external site..

The University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Research on Poverty offers a wealth of information, including a newsletter with reports from their researchers: http://ssc.wisc.edu/irpLinks to an external site..

The Institute for Policy Research offers a variety of publications on poverty that can be downloaded for free: https://www.ipr.northwestern.edu/index.htmlLinks to an external site..

i.) TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) requirements vary from state to state.

  • Choose four (4) states and get information on their TANF programs.

Also, gather, if possible, any data on the effectiveness of the programs (numbers of people moved off welfare, numbers of those out of poverty, etc.).

Which of the program do you think is most effective? In which state or states would a poor person get the most help?

Hint: In the search engines on the sites, input ‘TANF.’

  • ii.) European nations tend to have lower poverty rates than the United States.

Investigate what various European nations are doing to alleviate poverty and ensure at least a minimally adequate income for all citizens.

Comment on the information you found and properly cite your sources.

How to cite:

How to cite the author(s), APA? https://guides.libraries.psu.edu/apaquickguide/intextLinks to an external site.

Then compare this information to that of the U.S., concerning part (i. TANF). Expand on your answer(s) a bit.

Hint: In the search engines on the sites, input ‘Europe Poverty’ or ‘European Poverty.’

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