Lewis University Sociology Lincoln Park Paper

This is supposed to be a long paper that involves research, analysis, and graphs incorporated into the paper. This paper must cover all requirements that are listed below. 

For this assignment, you will conduct research and analyze data to complete neighborhood profiles on the Chicago communities that are represented among the men incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center. You will be assigned Humboldt Park! 

? What is the history of the community? Here are some sites to help you answer this question: Humboldt Park: 



? What are the most recent demographic data on your community? Use the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning’s (CMAP) Community Data Snapshots https://www.cmap.illinois.gov/data/community-snaps… to these explore data. This includes detailed information on the following for your assigned community: 

Population and households.




Land use


Water supply

ON TO 2050 indicators

? What are the most recent data on crime rates in Humboldt Park? Use the following site to explore these data:


What are the arrest rates in your assigned community? Use the following site to explore these data:


The police district for Humboldt Park is 14th District – Shakespeare (Humboldt Park)

? What do educational opportunities and attainment look like in high schools in your assigned community. Use the Illinois School Report Card School website to explore these data:


the  two schools in the Humboldt Park neighborhood which is the following: YCCS-ASSOCIATION HOUSE (Youth Connection Charter School—Association House campus), look for the following data:

School Snapshot and include the following:

Summative Designation

School Improvement Funds

Graduation Rate

Chronic Absenteeism 



Student Characteristics

Achievement Gap

Success by Student Group

Student Attendance and Mobility

Academic Success

District Finance

School-Level Finance

School Environment 

College Readiness 

School Highlights

In addition to these sources, explore reporting on your assigned community from Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times as well as Block Club Chicago: https://blockclubchicago.org/neighborhoods/

Include both graphical and descriptive data—in other words, use charts and then describe what these charts say. Your reports should also include analysis—what do these data mean? In particular, your written report needs to address the following: 

? Detail what you observed in the data

? What patterns have emerged? 

? What are the consequences from these data/of these patterns for people in the community? City? State? Others who live elsewhere?

? How can sociological insight be applied to these?

? What sociological concepts and theories help to explain these? 

? What new insight can you offer, given the specificity of the place and issues you revealrf through the data? 

? Choose the “concepts that seem to make the most sense for the ‘story’ you want to tell and those that you have the best ‘evidence’ (examples from the interview) to support. Try to make the concepts work together in some way to form a cohesive paper. Define your concepts clearly…. Also, support the concepts with detailed examples drawn from your [data] or other sources (Langton and Krammar p. 108).

? How does Cashin’s concept of white spaces and Black hoods fit with these data? Compared to the data you were provided on Lincoln Park? Be specific and detailed, using terms, concepts, paraphrases, quotes, etc… from that book. 

? How does the reading from Miller’s Halfway Home help us understand what these data say about your assigned community? 

? Finally, based on our conversations on placemaking, use what you have learned from the data sources to offer an analysis of the people, places, practices, policies, and play in the community. 

? In addition, what would be needed in order to ensure that this is a place that people want to learn, live, work, and play? Be detailed and specific in your response.

? Include a conclusion in which you ponder the significance of the findings as well as the following:

? What are the implications and relationships to social life, policy, and practice?

? Include a discussion that incorporates our discussions on counterstorytelling and the community cultural wealth model

? Interweave the findings with discussion on theoretical issues. 

? Discuss implications for policy, research, and practice, future research where relevant. 

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