Los Angeles Pierce College Exploring Stratification in Our Lives Essay

All the direction are in the document

Here are some added notes we were given

please be mindful with the situation you choose make it realistic for my life as a student if you choose to do one that is current with that you can truly choose anything but make it interesting and believable as well as details enough!

No grammar issues and make it well written with no AI or any plagiarism!

Extra notes from professor:

– include how you think of class before and after the given situation

– Incorporate at least two concepts aside from “class” that we have spoken about in lecture for example: exploitations, ideology, hegemony, intersectionality

– ASA formate with cover page

– Sufficient detail so the reader doesn’t have to question about what/where/when/how must reflect on chosen situation and share the impact it has had on you

– Use concept the chosen lecture concepts to make a deeper understanding on your chosen situation

– The situation we choose to share has no timeline could be anywhere through your life

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