MacEwan University Humility and Determination Discussion Response

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student 1-

Dalai Lama, a spiritual Buddhist leader once said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”.  He further says, “compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength”. As a perpetual optimist and emerging social worker, I find great wisdom in these words and expressions. My dedication to the dream of becoming a social worker is evident in my strong work ethic, dependability, humility, and integrity. As a social worker full of passion, my highest ambition is to practice compassion in a way which will establish solid relationships with families who are less advantaged, anchored in trust, esteem, and good humor. I aim to use my professional experiences, knowledge, and skills to help people make the most of their own abilities, solve their own problems and empower them to develop skills so that they can do it themselves.

I will graduate in 2020, and believe that I have showcased true leadership qualities through my participation in multiple organizations and volunteering efforts in different stages of life. I have been able to utilize my organizational skills in leading and coordinating varied activities at different roles and responsibly in the past and at present. I will continue to receive formal and informal education of the social work field to advance my competence and performance in a similar field while practicing as a social worker in the next 3 years.

Personal Mission Statement:

In next 5 -20 years, my mission, along with my personal and professional career is, “to serve, support, and care my family, friends, and community in a way that is inclusive, compassionate, humble, and filled with love, respect, and integrity”.

I am an individual of strong determination and commitment who has the drive and passion to accomplish my goals and live out my dreams. I would like to live and lead a life constructed on the principle of integrity, fairness, good health, and helpfulness, commitment to excellence, love, and happiness while having successes in both my personal and professional life.

Crafting a personal mission statement is profound and deep work. The thing I learned is that we do not invent our mission, we detect it. We just uncover it as it were. Writing it for the academic purpose is not as easy as I initially thought it would be. It was a bit challenging for me to contemplate over my number of careers and diverse experiences to draw the line for mission for next 5-20 years. The big list of values that I initially had collected pushed me in a state of dilemma. However, I narrowed down the list to craft the mission.

Crafting a personal mission statement is highly pragmatic to anybody from any field. It can be firmly stated that a man without a personal mission statement in personal or professional life is like a boat without a boatman. And it cannot be an exception to the social work leaders in human service organizations. It is a powerful, essential and leadership tool for the social work leaders. It provides individuals and organizations with a virtual map to guide them in this chaotic world. It states the core values the leaders live by and what they expect of their employees. The employees and team members can turn to the leader’s personal mission statement for guidance as they face various decision points. A personal mission statement also has the ability to speak for social work leaders when they are not physically present. Hence, a personal mission statement is highly significant to the social work leaders in human service organizations. 


Dalai Lama Quotes.…

Student 2-

When I think of what my mission statement is I think back to the three values I chose at the beginning of the semester that resonated with me: balance, learning, and curiosity. All of these values tie in together both in my personal and professional goals within life. I strive to achieve balance not only on an individual level but on an interpersonal level through harmony with others, this is something I am to continue to carry out in my relationships with those I work with within the field of Social Work. I will strive to remain dedicated to learn post-graduation, both about things I enjoy and about things that will further my ability to be a competent and growing Social Worker. I strive to remain consistently curious about all things, always encouraging my ability to be open-minded by being inquisitive. I hope that within the next five years these values help carry me in establishing the foundation for my new career as a Social Worker working with children and families, while also strengthening my relationships with family and friends. I also hope that during this time I will have either started or completed my masters so that I can propel myself into my longer-term goals. In ten years my hope is that I will have finally been done with formal education and have capitalized on these skills within my area of practice and be able to help share them with others, such as students.

Writing a mission statement for me proved easy in the beginning as the exercises we have done throughout the course helped make for a smooth transition towards this assignment. However, I am a strong believer in keeping your goals and ambitions private and letting your actions speak for them when the time comes. Thus, having to write out personal and professional goals publicly for my peers to read was a very daunting task, which is ultimately why my five and ten-year plans are not as detailed as they could be. I am generally private about my ambitions and struggle with finding the benefit in sharing them, this assignment helped challenge me with that. The mission statement also proved to be hard because it is often difficult to conceptualize what five to ten years down the road looks like when so much of my own life has been in school. What life outside of school will look like will be a new and unfamiliar journey for me and as such, I try not to tie myself down to too many rigid plans.

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