man3504 week 5 simulation

This week students have the option to complete a total of two questions from the available cases listed below, for this week’s discussion. Students can pick from any of these case studies:

  • Chapter 7 – Wheeled Coach, Alaska Airlines, Arnold Palmer
  • Supplement 7 – Arnold Palmer Hospital
  • Chapter 8 – Red Lobster, Hard Rock Cafe
  • Chapter 9 – Arnold Palmer Hospital, Wheeled Coach

Read these cases at the end of corresponding chapter and watch the videos on these cases in MyOMLab Multimedia Library. Each case includes several discussion questions in the text. Select two questions and write a post answering them. Students should include additional research on current events relative to the company or industry selected in the answer of these case questions. As always evaluate the sources of this research and be sure to properly cite in-text and list each source in your reference list using APA format.

I will give you link to the text book in order to access the cases