opposing source paper

This paper will be a typed, two-page, double spaced paper discussing at

least two opposing viewpoints for your final paper. One of these sources can be from your

annotated bibliography; the other must be new

Opposing Source Paper Guidelines


Two-page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point

font, correct header, correct MLA format


Must have at least TWO opposing viewpoints to your

argumentative topic. You must analyze these sources and

then refute them.


One of the sources can be from the Annotated

Bibliography, but the other has to be new


Must have a Works Cited page


Make sure you look at the Opposing Source PowerPoint

for guidelines on how to do this paper.


1. Basic guidelines (pages, font, etc.)—20 points

2. Each opposing viewpoint—40 points (x2)

3. Refutation of opposing viewpoints—40 points

4. Works Cited page—10 points