market research 13

Part A (500 words)

Describe in detail the six steps in measurement process in market research

Part B (500 words)

1. Explain the role of the questionnaire in the research process.

2. How do respondents influence the design of a questionnaire? Give some examples (e.g., questionnaires designed for engineers, baseball players, army generals, migrant farmworkers).

3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of open-ended questions and closed-ended questions.

4. Assume that you are developing a questionnaire about a new sandwich for McDonald’s. Use this situation to outline the procedure for designing a questionnaire.

5. Give examples of poor questionnaire wording, and explain what is wrong with each question.

6. Once a questionnaire has been developed, what other factors need to be considered before the questionnaire is put into the hands of interviewers?

7. Why is pretesting a questionnaire important? Are there some situations in which pretesting is not necessary?

8. Design three open-ended and three closed-ended questions to measure consumers’ attitudes toward BMW automobiles.

9. What’s wrong with the following questions?

How do you like the flavor of this high-quality Maxwell House coffee?

What do you think of the taste and texture of this Sara Lee coffee cake?

We are conducting a study for Bulova watches.

10. What do you see as the major advantages of using a field management company? What are the drawbacks?

11. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of web-based questionnaires