mba comprehensive exam

Instructions for the exam from the Professor:

Do not type an introduction or a conclusion to this paper. This make-up comprehensive test paper should only include your research, definitions, descriptions, and explanations of the above-mentioned concepts and tools within each of the four major disciplines.

20 APA formatted pages = 5 pages for each of the 4 major sections (Marketing, Management, Finance, and Accounting).

APA formatting includes the following guidelines:Times New Roman 12 font, double-spacing, title page, reference page, 1 inch margins top/bottom and left/right, page numbers in the top right margin in the header, running head, in-text citations, properly formatted references on the reference page, etc…

Do not include an abstract, executive summary, or conclusion.Simply research, define, describe, and explain your answers to the questions.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated, so please look to the Academic Integrity rules as noted in the syllabus for your course.Cite your sources, even when you paraphrase.