memo assignment 11

Memo Assignment

For your portfolio project, you have been asked to prepare a portfolio of materials for your boss relating to a controversial topic in your current field of study, the topic of which you chose in our Topic Discussion.

For this assignment, you will prepare a memo that will be included in your final portfolio.In your memo, you will need to list, and appropriately cite using standard format, three different sources that are relevant to your portfolio topic.One source should be a scholarly article from a peer-reviewed journal. One should be a credible website source, and one should be a popular source that would not be acceptable for a formal report.Then, address the differences between the three articles, and explain why the articles you listed are either credible or not and explain how (or if) they will be used in the formal report. You will address it to the same boss and company listed used in your previous portfolio assignments.

Note: Because this is a memo and not a formal academic assignment, writing in first person is acceptable.

Save your file as a Word document (.docx).
Include the term Memo and your First Name when saving your file. Example: Memo_David.docx
Upload your completed document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit button.

Points Possible: 20

3 points for listing and citing your sources

6 points for comparison and analysis of the sources.

5 points for appropriately utilizing elements of a business memo including the to and from fields, and an appropriate subject line

3 points for utilizing an appropriate, professional tone

3 points for writing level