Montclair State University Uses of The Erotic Summary

For this journal, read Audre Lorde’s “Uses of the Erotic” and give a summary in your own words. Then mention examples wherever you can and any applications you can make—from current events, pop culture, your own life or a friend’s experience. 

You may explore ANY of the following questions:

What ideas, stereotypes, or assumptions does this essay challenge?

What is “the erotic”? Is it simply about sex or sexuality itself or is it a more general concept?

Choose the most powerful quotation or several and explain what you think she means. 

What is the potential or the erotic to undo injustice and society’s oppressive systems?

What inspires you or puzzles you about this essay?

Putting this together with what else you have learned in the class: Why do you think or not think this essay is important for sociologists studying sexuality?

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