MSU What Was Your Experience as College Student During Covid 19 Pandemic Research

My research topic: what was your experience as a college student during the Covid 19 pandemic ?
The final research paper should be a minimum of 15 pages (3,750 words) excluding the title page, tables/figures and references. It should be typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman font in ASA Style. Use the outline and minimum page requirements below:

Create at least 20 survey questions related to a topic of your choice.
Survey questions and the format should adhere to the survey writing guidelines discussed in class. I will be giving you very detailed feedback to revise the surveys. Once they are approved, you will be able to administer the surveys via Google Forms or Qualtrics.
(2 pages)
The introduction states the research question, orients the reader to the topic and context of the project, and states what this particular study will add to the discipline of sociology. It provides a “road map” for your reader which explains how the remainder of the paper will be organized. It should include:
? Your research question(s)
? A statement that introduces the reader to your topic and explains its importance
? What are past, present and future social factors related to this topic
Research Methods
(2-3 pages)
The methods section begins with a (revised) research question and then explain how you will answer the question using surveys. Your research methods section should contain:
? Your (revised) research question
? Identification of your independent and dependent variables
? A description of the number of subjects, cases, or observations
? A description of how you contact your subjects or gather your data, including a discussion of your sampling design
Literature Review
(5-8 pages)
This assignment must include all required academic sources and should explain how your research question is supported by the literature.
This section should accomplish the following:
? Review the existing literature; at least ten academic sources
? Summarize the research articles you use in your own words whenever possible
? Thematic organization
o At least three separate subsections that address different aspects of the topic
(1-2 pages)
Discuss what the results mean in plain language. State whether the results support your original hypothesis. Interpret the results. Why were they–or were they not–significant?
You may attach/include a maximum of three original data visualizations from your research.
(3-4 pages)
*The analysis of your data is the most important part of your study*
Tie results back to the literature. Make connections between the themes or topics covered in the literature review and your survey findings.
What could these results mean in a larger context?
(2 pages)
Acknowledge the limitations of your study. What didn’t work? What mistakes did you make? What would you have done differently if you had more resources or greater knowledge? Make recommendations for future research on this topic.
The references page must be formatted using ASA style using at least eight different academic sources.
 For the attaching survey question a maximum of 3 images of the survey can be added you can pick any 3 you think best supports my research question.  

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