– Network (1976) (121-min; 91%) $2.99

I’m stuck on a Film question and need an explanation.


AssignmentTo do an out-of-class screening on your own

Choose from suggested films list:

– Network (1976) (121-min; 91%) $2.99

– The Killing Fields (1984) 142-min; 93%) $2.99

– The Insider (1999) (257-min; 96%) $3.99

– A Mighty Heart (2007) (107-min; 70%) $3.99
– The China Syndrome (1979) (122-min; 85%) $3.99
– The Truman Show (1995) (102-min; 95%) $3.99

– Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) (93-min; 85%) Amazon “free”
– Kate Plays Christine (2016) (112-min; 82%) $3.99
– Social Network (2010) (120-min; 96%) Netflix


Requirements: around 3-pages

Section I:
Film Title/Director/etc.
Date of Screening
Brief comment for why you selected this particular film for your “outside” assignment
Brief synopsis of what the film was about

Section II: the “Media” Part
*Was the film based on a “real life” journalist or journalism event? If not, was it based
on a “real life” scenario?
*How would you characterize the portrayal of the journalist or media professional? (In
terms of professionalism, authenticity, etc.)

Section III: the “Movie” Part
*How would you characterize the movie-making aspects? the directorial choices?
the scriptwriting choices?
*Can you make any comparisons with other movies screened in class?

Section IV: the “Movie Critic” Part
* How would you critique this as a movie?

As usual, these are prompts to get you started. Feel free to add your own.