out of class reflection essay 25 points write a reflection response essay 400 600 words on a print journal or multimedia resource s dealing with some aspect of african american history and culture your reflections should raise critical questi

Out of Class Reflection Essay ( 25 points)

Write a reflection response essay ( 400-600 words) on a print, journal or multimediaresource (s) dealing with some aspect of African American history and culture.Your reflections should raise critical questions about the work and attempt to address the questions you raise.

To receive full credit you must support your response with examples from the print source and/or multimedia resource.Simply summarizing the work will result in a lowered score or a zero.In other words, reflections require that you demonstrate not only your understanding of the assigned material but also extend your understanding by providing examples or by personalizing the reading is some way. Each reflection should meaningfully demonstrate your comprehension of the work. The reflection essay should be submitted to the Reflection Essay folder in the D2L Dropbox by Nov. 7


  1. One half of essay should reflect a summary of the article
  2. The other half of the essay should reflect your own viewpoints/perspectives of the article
  3. List your source