Using the template found in the article “Asking the clinical question: A key step in evidence-based practice” by Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, Stillwell & Williamson. (2010). Asking the clinical question: A key step in evidence-based practice. AJN, 110 (3): 58-61. Identify a clinical question related to your chosen setting and population environment, write the question in PICOT format. You will incorporate your literature review into this week’s assignment.


To enable the student to identify a clinical question related to a specified area of practice and use medical and nursing databases to find research articles that will provide evidence to validate nursing interventions regarding a specific area of nursing practice.


Create a PowerPoint Presentation outlining your PICOT question, background, and literature review that includes a minimum of 9 slides, including title and reference slides. There should be a minimum of five scholarly sources to support your topic.


PowerPoint Guidelines:

  • Title (1 slide)
  • PICOT Question (1 slide) – Identify a clinical question related to your area of clinical practice and write the clinical foreground question in PICOT format utilizing the worksheet tool provided as a guide. Include and explanation about what a PICOT question includes in Speaker Notes.
  • Background (1 slide) – Describe why this is a clinical problem or an opportunity for improving health outcomes in your area of clinical practice.
  • Literature Review (5 slides – 1 article per slide) – Perform a literature search and select five research articles on your topic utilizing the library databases. Explain how each article supports your topic. Identify the article that best supports nursing interventions for your topic.
  • References (1 slide)

Powerpoint Expectations:

Length: The PowerPoint should be minimum of 9 slides, which includes title, and reference slide. Each slide should follow the 6×6 rule (6 bullet points no longer than 6 words). Add any pictures, graphs, videos, etc.… to enhance your presentation.

Speaker notes are the narrative of the presentation and should accompany each slide (except title and reference slide) and be a minimum of 75 words per each slide.

Structure: Include a title slide and reference slide in APA format.

References: Use the appropriate APA style for in-text citations in the speaker’s notes and for the reference slide. Include the five (5) articles you retrieved and other scholarly citations.

Additional Resources:

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