please follow the requirements and complete an essay

here is the requirements:

“1984” Compare & Contrast Paper—(Due date in the above table.)

At the beginning of the class session noted in the previous table, submit a “compare and contrast” analysis of the ethical concepts revealed in the society described in “1984” versus our society today. How many of the factors in Orwell’s vision have come true—wholly or in part?Given what you have learned/studied in this class regarding the ethics of individual privacy vis-à-vis technological advancements, demonstrate how you would use the 7-step Decision Model to determine ethical choices in your and society’s real future.

(Content of the papers will be no more than eight, double-spaced, double-sided, stapled pages. A cover page is optional.A citations-of-information-sources page should be at the end.Cover and sources pages do not count in page total.“Style” is “business efficient”, i.e., prose is acceptable, along with bullet points, checklists, tables or whatever structure clearly, efficiently communicates to the reader.)

the attach files is the text book and the 7 steps decision model that might helps you to complete the essay. please let me know if you have any questions