what relationships exist between different domains of georgia milestones scores 2


The superintendent would like to know what relationships exist between different domains of Georgia Milestones scores. She has provided your principal with the included Excel file, “Milestones_Grade8,” which is a random sample of eighth-grade students from all public middle schools in the school system. The students were chosen randomly in such a way that all eighth-grade students had an equal chance of being selected. Since the principal knows you are taking a research course, she has asked you to complete the assignment. In this activity, you are to use Excel to calculate and interpret correlation coefficients.

To help you with the correlation in Excel it can be found on YouTube. Here is an alternative way to get to the program which might work for you, if needed. The Excel Basics title in Hoonuit has help for the Pearson correlation coefficient.

If one goes to YouTube and types in Pearson correlation in Excel, multiple videos should appear for one’s viewing.

Correlation YouTube Video


Directions: Complete each of the steps (1-3) in the attached Word document. Sections 2 and 3 will have responses.

No Plagarism

**I have some of this assignment already completed, just need Sections 2 and 3 completed which will have responses, and I will attach the completed work.