police brutality on african americans

Write about Police Brutality on African Americans from the year 2000 to the present.

Write about President Barack Obama and how he was the first African American president in the political portion of the essay.

Write about the Economical differences for African American between whites in the Economic portion of the essay.

Write about the social aspects and differences that the African American community faces.

Make sure to write about Specific known African Americans in the whole essay.

Make sure its 100% authentic

here’s the Professors notes on how to complete the essay correctly

For a student to receive an A grade for each three-page essay, please do the following:

The student wrote a three-page essay.

The student cited at least three scholarly sources in their three-page essay

The student adequately wrote about the given topic listed on the syllabus, without getting off topic.

The student adequately adhered to writing their three-page essay in Chicago Style Formatting.

The student adequately created a strong thesis statement.

The student’s grammatical errors are held to a minimum.

The student includes footnotes, a bibliography, and a title page.

The student’s three-page essay is double-spaced.

The student’s three-page essay is professionally written.

The student didn’t use any block quotes.

3 page essay in Chicago style that is double spaced with integrated quotes from educational sources and footnotes.

Talk about the HOW’S and WHY’S of African Americans in the year 2000 to the present day.

Alright please make sure both the essays your writing for me are mainly about African Americans and make sure it’s 100% authentic