the connective phase iii building the model

Hi! Hope all is well.  Need your help again! Only has to be 2-3 pages.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

View the Phase III tutorial to learn how to perform the research necessary to answer:


How do you feel the website/app would function? What would be the general design and features? FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXT

How would you go about connecting opportunities with businesses? FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXT

  1. How would you create a review point system similar to Yelp (or would you just pull reviews from Yelp)? FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXT

How does the commissions get paid out? What are the issues with payment and is there any software that could help? 

Suggested Websites.  

  1. Hoboken Chamber of CommerceForming business connections in The Connective’s local community.

FILLER TEXTBNIBusiness Networking International

FILLER TEXTAmerican Marketing AssociationProfessional organization for marketing.