Prevention of communicable diseases

Part 1 – Create a flyer or pamphlet to inform a chosen individual, group, or population about a chosen communicable disease such as HIV.

  • Identify your chosen disease.
  • Explain the pathophysiology, the signs and symptoms, how the disease is transmitted, and measures one can implement for prevention.
  • Offer interventions and suggestions from evidence-based research.
  • Provide a minimum of two community resources and/or national resources.

Part 2 – Share your flyer or pamphlet with a chosen individual or group. Provide a written summary of the experience. Describe the response of your target audience and your impression of the experience. What went well? What could’ve been improved?

**Note: Submit both your flyer/pamphlet and the written summary of the experience.

Assignment Expectations-

Length: Full page flyer/pamphlet and 500- 750 short teaching summary

Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA style. These do not count towards the minimal word amount for this assignment.

References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least three (3) scholarly citations to support your claims.

Rubric: This assignment uses a rubric for scoring. Please review it as part of your assignment preparation and again prior to submission to ensure you have addressed its criteria at the highest level.

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