product evaluation essay 1

For this essay, you will be responsible for the evaluation of a product or entertainment source. This product could be conventional, such as something you would find in the home, or it could be a creative product, such as a performance or work of art. You will want to choose a product on which you can easily find reliable information. Be sure you are using a product, rather than a service. This needs to be a tangible thing you can see and feel.

#Part One:

The paper will be broken into two sections, the first of which will be an introduction to the product. You will want to include all the important details, such as when it first appeared on the market, its manufacturer, some history, etc. You will also want to consider other similar products and situate it in a category or genre. Example: If you are evaluating a CD by TuPac, you will want to situate it in the genre of West Coast Rap. You will also want to discuss its popularity as a whole and the users of the product. The first section should be at least one typed page in length. You may need to use references for material in this section.

Part Two:

The second section of the paper will be making some sort of argument about the product. The two most obvious possible arguments might be that it is the best product of its kind, or the worst on the market. You might also consider arguments that deal with whether or not it is original, effective, or affordable. There are many different arguments that you could choose, so you might want to discuss this with me before you become very invested in the argument. This section of the paper should include some specific information to back up your argument, such as statistics, user reviews, product tests, etc. Section Two is going to make a claim about the product and then prove that claim. Section Two should be at least one typed page in length, bringing the whole essay to a total of two pages, minimum.

At least one outside source is required for the essay, but more than one will probably be necessary. This means that you will also need to include a Works Cited page and properly cite your sources in the body of the essay. This would be the third (or later) page to the essay.

There should be no use of first person, including “I,” “me,” “we,” “our,” etc. in this paper. As always, please also avoid using second person “you / your” and contractions.

You will combine the two sections (which should flow like a normal essay, with no section separation)