PROF 450 Bryant and Stratton College Career Development Discussion


In the lecture, we discussed many concepts, tools, strategies for career planning and personal branding.  We also covered KSAs and their importance to workplace readiness. One KSA important to many employers is decision-making abilities.  

Below is a list of four problem-solving strategies created by Dawn Allison, author of Career Planning and Personal Exploration.

These problem-solving strategies can be applied to any aspect of your life or career. 

What is the problem? Define it in detail. How is it affecting me and other people?

How are other people dealing with this problem? Are they adjusting their time management skills? Can they still complete responsibilities, and on time?

  1. What is my range of possible solutions? Are solutions realistic? How might these solutions help me reach my goal(s)?
  2. What do I need to do to implement solutions?
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