PROF450 week 7.5


After you read the lecture and the article, answer the prompts below:

21 Things Nobody Tells You When You Graduate College

Discuss why understanding your finances is valuable when applying for and getting several job offers.

In your own words, explain the value of knowing the 21 Things nobody tells you when you graduate.

Describe the biggest takeaways from the article you found helpful

  • PART B
  •  explored a lot of information throughout this course in preparing you for life after graduation.  Reflect on what you learned, and in your own words, answer the following:
  • Describe one major takeaway from this course that you found helpful or was new to you that will positively affect your career and/or life pursuits.

Discuss your next steps after graduation.

PART C comm2o1 

Reflect on the habits strong presenters have. Which of these habits have you developed or polished during the term? Explain how you have developed these skills and how they have benefitted you with your public speaking skills.

  • Which of the habits that strong presenters have do you need to continue to develop? Explain how you intend to develop these habits further and apply them to your academics and workplace.
  • PART D 

1 What is the difference between a preparation outline and a speaking outline?

2 Discuss at least three ways a speaker can manage anxiety and nervousness before beginning a presentation

  • 3 you have been invited to speak to a group of Managers at Paychex about increasing the business’s commitment to improved employee health benefits by increasing the opportunity to work remotely. 
  • How will you appeal to their pathos?

How will you appeal to their ethos?

How will you appeal to their logos?


Due by the end of Week 7.5 at 11:59 pm, ET.

This reflection will be delivered orally in the format of a PowerPoint with Voiceover. The total recording should be 2-3 minutes in length. 

For this reflection:

  • Analyze the importance of this project to your future career. 
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