Rasmussen College Computer Assisted Coding Essay

For this written assignment, you are the Coding Supervisor at Rasmussen Hospital and Clinics. Your staff consists of five coders who code inpatient, outpatient, and the professional fees for a variety of physicians in a variety of specialties.

Recently the number of patient encounters has increased causing your coders to not meet the required turnaround time for their coding duties. After much research, you have decided to turn to CAC (Computer Assisted Coding) to help meet your goals.

Hospitals have reported that CAC has increased coder productivity by more than 20 percent, decreased coder overtime by as much as 80 percent, and decreased external audit fees as much as 50 percent. Cassidy, B. (2013) “Ten More Questions for CAC Vendors” http://journal.ahima.org/2013/03/01/ten-more-questions-for-cac-vendors/

Based on your research, you will be implementing CAC for routine radiology encounters in six months.
In a Word document, explain how you will manage this change.

  • Describe with supporting research how the implementation and use of CAC will impact your coding process. Be sure to include both positive and negative impacts.
  • Describe with supporting research how the implementation and use of CAC will positively and negatively impact your coders.
  • Explain the ways you, as the Coding Supervisor, will assist your coders through this change.
  • Summarize which project management tool you would use to implement this project and why. Refer back to the tools we learned about in our reading such as Six Sigma, Lean, the Gantt chart etc.