reflection in bargaining and negotiation

This is an individual reflection paper.

This reflection paper is a typed paper, 5-6 pages in length that describe your analysis/feelings from the questionnaire/analysis and negotiation exercise example. It is important to relate concepts/terminology from the analysis. Grammar and spelling will also be taken into consideration.


  1. Self-Introduction including career goal: Pretend you are an Adult Working female, You are a mother of two, a wife and you attend College full time. You are studying Business Administration with a field of study in Management. (
  2. Analysis should include identification of your strength, weaknesses and plans to make improvements in areas of deficiencies that are important for your career.

Following must be included in your analysis:

Personal Bargaining Inventory (PBI)

SINS (Self-reported inappropriate negotiation strategies)

Six Channels … of influence


b. Rationality

c. Vision

d. Relationships

e. Interests

f. Politics

Communication Competence

a. Linguistic

b. Socialistic

c. Discourse

d. Strategic Competence

Subjective Value

a. Situational Circumstances

b. Cultural Significance

c. Sentimentalizing

d. Nostalgia

e. Availability

Following classroom negotiation role play example must be included in your analysis:

Used Car – Talk about the negotiation that takes place during a used car sale/deal

Proper Order: Your paper should have a title page, table of contents (optional), text of paper and a reference list (works cited). The paper should have page numbers printed at the bottom of the page, with the exception of the title page.

The title page should have the title of the paper, your name, course title, instructor’s name and date of submission. The title page should not contain a typed number but is counted in the overall length. The page after the title page, therefore, begins with 2.

Format: Papers should be typed, double-spaced, grammatically correct, and include a works cited list in APA style. It should be typed in 12-point font with one-inch margins.

Length: A guideline for this term paper is 5 to 6 pages long. The maximum is 6 pages, so if you find yourself over this amount, consider altering the scope of the paper.

Additional Research: For this paper I do not expect you to use any additional materials to aid in your analysis, other than the primary textbook. Do not use information off websites. Please cite your work if you choose to use works of others.

Introduction (10%), Analysis of each self-assessment and role play exercises and

Application of Negotiation terms/concepts to individual analysis and developmental plan (80%), Other (typing, spelling, grammar- 10%)