Research Article – Critical Analysis Assignment – Digital Marketing

Research Article – Critical Analysis Assignment – Digital Marketing

Assignment instructions:  This assignment should be completed specifically for this course.  All other terms of the course outline apply.  References should be in MLA or Chicago style format.  Please ensure a clear reference to the paper you are analyzing is provided.  If possible, a pdf of the article you are referring to should also be included.  Your completed paper should be between 750-1000 words.

Rationale: It is important that students are able to locate and assess the current academic literature on digital marketing.  The peer review process and rigours of the scientific method are often missed in business literature on digital marketing topics.  This paper will show you can find high quality academic literature, assess its strengths and limitations, and use it to provide actionable advice to a client.  Use attached articles

Format and Organization:

Introduction:  How and why did you select this article?  You may wish to discuss the reach, current-ness, and authority of the publication, or its relevance to a particular industry. (/2)

Summary of Article:  Summarize the hypothesis, methodology, and findings of the article and their stated implications and limitations of their study.  This should be written in a way that a reader can understand what the authors did and found without having to read the article. (/5)

General Critical Analysis of the Article:  Was the science sound?  Were there significant limitations you can identify that the authors did not?  Is the study reproducible?  Did it advance academic thought in the area and provide new insight into a current problem? (/5)

Applied Analysis of the Article:  Are their industries or organizations that you feel would benefit from the findings of the article?  Are there limitations on the advice apparent due to geography, demographics, psychographics, or technological costs?  How would you communicate the insight provided to the paper to a specific client or industry in an actionable way with advice for implementation and monitoring. (/5)

Conclusion and Reflection:  What value if any did you find in this exercise?  Are their journals that you believe you should continue to monitor for future insight in providing digital marketing advice?  Are their benefits to this over industry provided and generated materials (such as blogs, LinkedIn articles, and Podcasts?) (/3)

Overall Presentation and Editing: (/2)