Rock and Roll Questions

1 Roots of Rock

To what degree did early rock music depend on sociological changes as distinct
from technological developments? What were some of those sociological changes
and how did they help create and popularize rock music? How might the blues be
different if slavery had never existed and African Americans had been welcomed
immigrants in the United States?

Remember that the idea behind the discussion boards in this class is a
conversation that features your perspectives and ideas. The goal is not to simply
answer the questions, it is to express your informed opinions. Treat it similar to
Facebook, but no flaming or trolling.
2 Urban Blues and R&B

This one can be tough. Listen to Three O’Clock Blues by BB King and then to Bo
by Bo Diddley. Compare the tempos, the feel of the rhythms, and the lyrics
of the two. What are the differences between the Blues and R&B? Why do think
the term “rhythm is there in “Rhythm and Blues”?
3 Gospel & Country Roots of Rock db
Both Blues and Country lyrics can express down-heartedness. What are some
differences in the kinds of expression between the two styles, and what are some
reasons for the differences? Can you name some similarities?
4 Early Rock and Roll
In what ways were the music and images of early Rock & Roll performers rebellious
for their time? What would the same performers have to do maintain their
rebellious reputations today? How did race affect popularity or did race matter to
most fans?
5 Teen Styled Rock
In the early Sixties, Rock seems to move from a Blues and Country based
energetic sound to a gentler, pop-oriented style called Teen Idol Pop. What do you
think were some of the reasons for this shift? Compare some of those reasons to
music you are familiar with. Can you think of some other times in history when
popular music shifted from one style to another. Why did the music change?
6 Soul and Motown

Soul music and its performers affected the Civil Rights Movement. Describe some
examples. Why is this important? Did the Civil Rights Movement in turn affect Soul
music and Rock & Roll? In reading the chapter and listening to some of the music
links in the Power Point, is there a particular Soul artist that impresses you?
7 The British Invasion db
What was it about the American social, political, and musical situations in the early
sixties that made the country so ready for invasion by the British bands? Were the
Beatles and the Rolling Stones so great that they could have taken over the US
charts at any time, or was it mostly a case of good timing?

8 The British Invasion continues and America reacts

During the sixties, some people said that the British saved Rock & Roll. If true,
what did they save it from? Would the post invasion US styles of garage bands and
the blues revival bands have become popular without the popularity of the British
9 Folk, Folk-Rock, and Singer-Songwriters db
Why do you think young adults were listening to Bob Dylan in the early sixties
instead of Teen Idol or Soul music? Why were traditional Folk musicians offended
when Dylan began to use electricified instruments? Frank Zappa said that singer/
songwriters were too personal and too quick to dump their problems and feelings
on listeners. Do you agree with Frank or not?
10 Psychedelic Rock db
Psychedelic drugs were used by some young people in the sixties to “drop out” of
society because they disapproved of how things were being done. In my regular
class I constantly hear that students have no intention of voting because it would
make no difference. Do you agree? Society can seem chaotic and personal
circumstances uncontrollable. What do some young people do today to “drop out”
of society in general? Does or can music be used to express disapproval of today’s
11 Country and Jazz Rock

Many southern bands proudly identified with cultural aspects of the former
confederate states of the southern United States. Are there other regions in the
United States that have music that similarly represents the region? Is the southern
identity residue from the Civil War or are there other reasons for it? How do you
feel about the confederate flag? Does it imply a sense of racial injustice or is it
simply a symbol of rebellion?