University of Missouri Kansas City Historical Events Reflection Papers

Paper 1:

Paper 2:


  • After viewing , write a 750+-word (less than 750 words will be penalized) that discusses and reflects on your experience, which you will post on the course discussion board. We want to know what you did, what you thought, what you learned, how it impacted you, and so on. Your writing should be clear and free of errors, but it can be informal (first person is encouraged and we are not looking for a thesis, for example). We are more concerned with what you thought of your experience than you giving a blow by blow summary of the lecture you attended or the museum you visited.
  • 50 points)Full CreditPartial CreditNo CreditInitial Reflection Content30 pointsInitial response is appropriate for full credit (student reflects on an event/museum/historical landmark/documentary/other approved activity pertaining to American history in at least 750 words and meets all of the requirements)Initial response is lacking in some way and is not appropriate for full credit (generally, this is due to a response that is less than 750 words).
  • Amount of deduction depends on how lacking the response is, such as how short it isInitial response does not earn any credit, which generally results from student writing about an event/experience outside the scope of American history or from plagiarism, which would result on a zero on the entire assignment, not just this portion of the rubric.Initial Reflection Image/URL5 pointsInitial reflection includes at least one image taken by the student for an event they went to in person (NOT a stock image or something pulled from the web).
  • Note that plagiarism or posts that have objectionable content (meaning ones that are overtly offensive, discriminatory, use profanity, and so on) could result in a zero on the entire assignment.