Salisbury University Social Work Group Paper

Identify the ethical issues from the scenario.

Identify the persons, institutions, clients, professional, support systems, victims, and others that are involved in this issue.

Determine who should be involved in the decision making.

Identify the relevant values from the NASW Code of Ethics that apply to this scenario.

Identify the relevant sections of the NASW Code of Ethics that apply to this scenario.

Identify the relevant ethical theory for this scenario.

  • What makes this theory applicable to the scenario? Be specific – use your texts
  • Identify one strategy to resolving the issue.
  • Identify the benefits for strategy.
  • Identify the downsides for this strategy.
  • the scenario that was picked 
  • .Scenario #1:You are a social worker at a community action program that provides a range of social services to low-income people, including housing assistance, emergency food, crisis intervention services, and energy assistance. One of your colleagues, who is not a social worker, learned from a client that two years earlier the client robbed a convenience store during a time in his life when he was addicted to heroin. The crime remains unsolved; the man was never arrested for the robbery. The man has since been in intensive substance abuse treatment and is coping well. At a staff meeting, your colleague, who does not have a college degree or formal professional education, states that in his opinion the agency has an obligation to report the man to the local police. A team meeting is scheduled for later in the week to discuss this further. How would you handle this situation? 
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