Santa Monica College Alcohol and Other Drugs Paper

Use the sites listed below to answer the prompt.

  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) site explores the causes and consequences of drug use and addiction:
  • A short article on drug use and non-addiction:… Links to an external site.
  • Abstract regarding illicit drug use and the darknet:… Links to an external site.
    • Hint: Consider the level of sophistication necessary to navigate the darknet and reassess your ideas on the ‘typical’ drug user 😉

i.) Briefly explore the list of intoxicants in the Chapter: Alcohol and Other Drugs.

  • Select five drugs and get detailed information on them from the National Institute on Drug Abuse site. Then consider:
    • How many people would still experiment with the drugs if everyone had this information?
    • Give arguments both for maintaining that nobody would be a user and asserting that some would still use.

ii.) Search the Internet for “drug use,” “tobacco,” and ‘” intoxicant.”

  • Find sites that define people’s right to be users and cite accordingly.
  • List the reasons the site(s) argue.
  • And then respond to them with material from the text and academic sources.
    • Additional sources may be found within the textbook and/or in the reference section of the textbook, academic articles, government websites, etc.
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