Santa Monica College Unintended Consequence of the US Immigration Policies Questions

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    1. Since 1955, how has the level of legal immigration from Mexico to the U.S. changed over time? How has the level of illegal/unauthorized immigration from Mexico changed over time? (Be sure to note when it rose and fell).2. How were U.S. immigration policies changed in the 1960s? In your answer, be sure to note what the Bracero program was. 3. According to Massey and Pren (2012), how did changes in U.S. immigration policies unintentionally lead to increasing illegal immigration to the U.S.? 4. Massey and Pren (2012) argue that there was a ‘feedback loop’ between border apprehensions and border enforcement that occurred between 1965 and 1995 in the U.S. Describe this feedback loop. In your answer, be sure toa. explain how border apprehensions led to stricter enforcement, and vice versa. b. how this resulted in increasing border apprehensions, “despite the lack of any real increase in illegal migration” after the 1970s (Massey and Pren 2012, p. 9).5. How do Massey and Pren (2012) explain the trend in legal immigration from Mexico in the late 20th century? Note how it was affected (unintentionally) by changes in U.S. immigration policies in the 1960s and 1980s.

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