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Carroll, Janell. Sexuality Now: Embracing Diversity. Cengage Learning, 2019.

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Provide examples that support your conclusions and analysis. Research findings can be used as examples.

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**Discussion 3:




Think about early maturing boys versus late maturing boys….what are the benefits and drawbacks to each? How about girls…how do they benefit from maturing early versus late? What are the risks? How does early vs late puberty change our relationship with ourselves, our family, and our friends?

  • If you, personally, had a late maturing teen boy or an early maturing teen girl, how would you deal with the risks? What specific things or red flags would you look out for in his/her life, and what experiences or techniques would be best to assist him/her through the teenage years?

[Puberty can be hard for transgendered teens as well. If you would like to do some research on how timing of puberty affects transgendered teens, you are welcome to share your results here.]

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