Silliman University Saint Jude Hospital Sociology Essay

I need help writing a MLA format research essay on the organization of Saint Jude Hospital (healthcare for critically ill children. Identify how Saint Jude as an organization has a social problem at the Micro-Sociological level or at the Macro-Sociological level with analysis.


Through the organization’s own material, what others may have written about it, and perhaps an interview with a member of the organization, prepare a report that describes the organization in detail. The presentation should discuss but not be limited to the following: the name of the organization, and its location, contact information, stated purpose of the organization, which populations does the organization serve, the types of activities it supports, its sources of funding, its organizational structure, whether it is a for-profit or non-profit group, its history and how long it has been in operation, the founders of the group, if it is part of a larger organization, etc…

The above are a few ideas to help focus your data collection. The most important part of the assignment is its analytical focus, (i.e., discuss how the purpose, function, or other aspects of this organization address the social problems that we are studying in this class. Be specific. Cite readings from our text including any appropriate selections that were not part of the assigned readings.

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