SMC A Deeper Dive Into the Stanford Prison Experiment Paper

You will submit an individual research essay  based on your group research project and proposal. 

Please include the following:

1) Introduction (what is your topic, why did you and your group choose this topic?  what kinds of discussions did your group have? What is your thesis/hypothesis/research objectives & goals?) (The title page, if you have one, is not part of the 8 to 10 pages of content)

2) Literature Review (you should have between 3 to 5 studies/readings to review), which is not all of your sources.  

3) Explain the research process, using the steps

4). Explain what theoretical paradigms you used to frame your study (what paradigms did you not use and why ?)

5). What research methods did you use and why?

6). Analyze & interpret your data (qualitative, quantitative or both).  In other words, write about “the larger picture” of what your findings demonstrated on this sociological topic.

6). What are the strengths about your research project (meaning, how sociologically enlightening and relevant)?  Did your study contribute to furthering the knowledge of this topic in the larger sociological literature?

7). What are some of the weaknesses or challenges of your study?  What are the areas of improvement?  What areas could future researchers cover related to your topic that your research team did not cover?

8) Conclusion

9) Bibliography or Works Cited

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