SO 101 MU Race And Ethnicity Interactionism Perspective Paper

Write a paper

You should divide the paper into four sections:
1. What is the topic you are discussing. Explain it clearly to the reader
2. What is the theory you are using to frame your discussion (ONLY one of the three
discussed in class, Functionalism, Conflict, or Symbolic Interaction.
3. How does your theory inform your topic?
4. Reference

Note: The first sentence of your paper must identify the topic and your theoretical
perspective. It should read, “This paper will examine (topic) from the perspective of
(theory). Without this sentence first in the paper, points will be deducted.

It is acceptable to use examples and stories from today’s mass and social media to highlight your
discussion. However, the paper may NOT be premised upon non-academic sources. The
foundation of the paper must be premised on at least FIVE academic sources that MUST be used
in the elements of your essay that discusses sociological concepts, principles, research, or theory.
You will be penalized for the use of any type of dictionary, encyclopedia or other non-academic
sources in your development, discussion, or analysis of your theory or discussion of your

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