SOC 169 University of California Riverside Feminist Consciousness Among Asian American Women Paper

Q #2: Intersectional feminist theory 30_________
Key concepts/ideas (general) (15 pts): multiple & intersecting relations of domination or
inequalities (e.g., based on race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.) & their impacts are
discussed using examples in ways that demonstrates ‘both/and’ thinking (i.e., considering
how inequalities interact and combine in distinct ways for particular social groups) (10
points); relates ideas from intersectional feminist theory to the author selected above (5
Key concepts/ideas for Anzaldua, Chow, OR Hill Collins (15 pts): Content varies by
author; see power points & readings for key ideas that should be discussed and explained
(10 points); cites readings when summarizing or quoting from the text (5 points)

Part 2: Critical evaluation & provides evidence/reasons _____30___
1. Introduction clearly states topic & thesis in intro (5 points)
2. Overall thesis or critical evaluation of theory is clear & consistent (5 points)
3. Uses evidence (e.g., examples, information) and/or reasons to support main thesis
(10 points)
4. Cites at least one source (5 points)
5. Conclusion clearly restates thesis & considers implications (5 points)
Part 3: Overall writing [see Roanoke rubric for elements*] (20 points; 5 points each)

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