SOC 240 OCC Social Problems in Society Paper

Analysis of a Social Problem: For this assignment, you will write an essay which (1) examines a current social problem impacting a racial/ethnic group(s) or other minority group in society.  You will identify and explain the social problem, (2) explore multiple credible perspectives, and (3) ultimately propose a solution (or at least steps toward a solution).

You will utilize five outside news articles in your paper.  The articles must originate from reputable news sources such as: The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, or The New York Times, etc.  You will also utilize your class Schaefer book.

* Note: You will not submit the articles with your assignment.  You will provide a reference for each article in your References page.  I should also see a reference for your class Schaefer book.  I will be checking this!    

Paper Format:

A. Title Page  

B.  (Paragraph 1) Introductory paragraph:  In your opening paragraph, provide an introduction to your paper where you identify the social problem you will explore through your paper.    

Note: Your introductory paragraph will contain a clear thesis statement informing the reader of what to expect from the rest of your paper.  Essentially, the thesis statement provides a clear and concise “roadmap” for your paper.  In other words, you are acquainting the reader with the journey ahead!  Note: The thesis statement is succinct and is usually only a single sentence.  

For guidance on the thesis statement visit:

C. (Paragraph 2) Background information: Objectively present important background information to your reader. The reader should have a clear understanding of the history surrounding the issue as well as the significance of the current situation/problem.  In this area of your paper, you will draw from outside sources in the form of direct quotations and/or paraphrased material + in-text citations.  

D.  (Paragraphs 3 – 5) Summary & Analysis: In this section of your paper, you will provide a developed sociological analysis of the social problem being explored.  You will summarize and analyze your chosen news articles.  In the process, you will present debates, controversies, and/or opposing viewpoints, etc.  Be sure and discuss what various groups feel ought to be done about the problem.  In this area of your paper, you should also utilize material from your class Schaefer book such as course concepts, perspectives, and/or historical/current insight, etc. + in-text citations.  

Note: In this section of your paper, it is very important to utilize supporting material from each of your news articles and the class Schaefer book for a developed analysis.  This will be in the form of paraphrased material and/or direct quotations.  Provide in-text citations. 

E.   (Paragraph 6) Solution:  Now that you are well-informed on the topic, you will propose a solution, recommendation, or plan of action, supported by scholarly research.

F. References Page: Include a References page.  

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