SOC 2420 TESU Juvenile Delinquency Paper

Research a high profile juvenile delinquency case occurring within the last two years. Identify the factors (both social conditions and personal characteristics) that may have influenced the juvenile to commit the crime. Write a 1,000 to 1,200 word (four page) paper about the case, incorporating one theory of victimization or delinquency in your paper.

Support your statements with a minimum of three peer-reviewed journal articles or professional Web sites. Refer to the syllabus and these Examples of In-Text Citations and References for guidance in APA formatting. You may find it helpful to search by the offender’s name and adding the word “background.” For example: “Jordan Brown background.” You may not use Wikipedia as a source.

Below are some examples of high profile juvenile cases. These cases are well known by most and garnered a lot of attention. You are not required to use one of the following examples, but if you select another case and are wondering whether the case is high profile, consult with your instructor before you begin your paper.

Note: Some of the links provided in this list are not academic and not professional. They are simply to give you ideas, but they should not be used as research references in your paper.

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